Smiley, Charles Jefferson (1884-1980)


Born at Starke, Bradford County, Florida, son of Archibald A. and Nicy Kirkland Smiley, and grandson of James M. and Mary Ann Hornage Smiley and Mattiew and Debbie Nevils Kirkland. He attended Liberty County schools, and married Mary Cam­eron, daughter of James S. and Emma Zorn Cameron, in 1908.


Their children are Elva, Effie, Archie, Russell, and Kenneth Smiley. Charles Jefferson Smiley was a member of the Liberty County Board of Commissioners, and a state representative from 1939 to 1943.


From "Sweet Land of Liberty, A History of Liberty County, Georgia" by Robert Long Groover; Appendix Number 39, Page(s) 231; Used by the permission of the Liberty County Commissioners Office



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