Stafford, Willie Maye Dawson


One of the maternal ancestors of this lady was Roger Delk , who emigrated from England to Virginia in 1622, and was elected to the House of Burgesses in 1633. Her father, David I. Dawson, was one of the most outstanding political figures, and a very religious person, in Liberty County for some 50 years.


She graduated from Bradwell Institute and Bessie Tift College, and taught English, French, and Social Studies at Bradwell Institute for 38 years. She married Harold N. ("Mudge") Stafford and they had one child, Harold N. Stafford Jr. Her grandson, Harold Craig Stafford, was saluta­torian of his class when he graduated from Bradwell Institute in 1986.


From "Sweet Land of Liberty, A History of Liberty County, Georgia" by Robert Long Groover; Appendix Number 33, Page(s) 186; Used by the permission of the Liberty County Commissioners Office



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