(27) Liberty County People, Places, Positions, and Occupations (1898)


This listing of Liberty County people, places, positions, and occupations was derived from "Georgia State Gazeteer, 1898, J.L. Printing Co., Richmond, Va., 1898." It is not to be assumed that the listing is complete or even correct in all instances. It is included here only to allow the reader a better understanding of the professional and occupational scope of the county just before the turn of the twentieth century.


Justices of the Peace and Militia Districts:

D.D. James, 15th, Riceboro

J.0. Garrison, 16th, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

J.R. Hardy, 17th, Taylors Creek

R.L. Horne, 24th, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

G.T. Knight. 1132nd, Smiley

T.M. Way, 1359th, Dorchester

J. Anderson, 1458th, Walthourville

B.W. Dyer, 1476th, Fleming

J .E. Warnell, 1543rd (no place listed)

W.E. Edwards, 1544th (no place listed)


Notaries Public, Ex-Officio Justices of the Peace, and Militia Districts:

W.A. Fleming, 15th, Riceboro

J.F. Wheeler, 16th, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

J.I. Daniel, 17th, Taylors Creek

T.J. Chapman, 24th Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

(no name listed), 1132nd, Smiley

(no name listed), 1359th, Dorchester

A.S. Quarterman, 1458th, Walthourville

T.J. Shave, 1476th, Fleming

H.E. Strickland, 1543rd (no place listed)

J.W.H. Hunter, 1544th (no place listed)


Post Offices and Postmasters:

Arcadia, S.B. Trask

Bay View, C.J. Bryant

Beards Creek, Weitman & Bros.

Dorchester, Mrs. K.B. Jones

Easterling (no postmaster listed)

Fleming, N.H. Clark

Flemington, Mrs. M.E.

Trask Gertrude, D.P. Roche

Gum Branch, W.S. Wells

Hinesville, J.M. Caswell

Johnstons Station (Liberty City), J.R. McDuffie

Joselyn, Mrs. K.A. Williams

Lambert. Edward Payson Miller

Limerick (no postmaster listed)

Mclntosh , R.Q. Cassels

Oneida, W.A. Kennedy

Paxton, Mille & Co.

Riceboro, T.J. Edwards

Smiley, D.A. Smiley

Strumbay , S.E. Jones

Sunbury, Elizabeth H. Eve

Swindle (no postmaster listed)

Taylors Creek, Cassels & Hendry

Thebes (no postmaster listed)

Tula, W.E. Edwards

Walthourville, Edward Payson Miller


Artesian Well Drillers:

E.D. Cory, Sunbury



J.G. Hyers, Bay View

H.J. Easterling, Easterling

J.J. Easterling, Easterling

J.L. Andrews, Fleming

Joe Mallard, Fleming

C.B. Scaffe , Fleming

E. Yarbrough, Gum Branch

G.O. Bowie & Bro., Hinesville

J.E. Thiess, Hinesville

Tidwell & Burns, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

J.A. Howard, Joselyn

John A. Howard, Lambert

Joseph Mallard, Limerick

John E. Way, Lambert

Edmond B. Wheeler, Lambert

Davis S. Wells, McIntosh

W.A. Kennedy, Oneida

J. Brown, Riceboro

G. Williamson, Riceboro

J.A. Smiley, Smiley

W.A. Yarbrough, Smiley

E.V. Martin, Taylors Creek

Augustus Law, Thebes

C.W. Parker & Co., Tula

W.D. Bacon, Walthourville

G.A. Gordon, Walthourville

W.W. Mauldin, Walthourville


Carpenters and Builders:

T.S. Wheeler, Gum Branch

J.J. Nesmith , Hinesville

J.C. Hines, Lambert

J.C. Norman, Lambert

Edward Williams, Limerick

J.M. Baggs, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

C.C. Gordon, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

Thomas Dutton, Joselyn

Joe Myers, Riceboro

S.H. Perry, Riceboro

John Long, Smiley

J.C. Norman, Walthourville


Coach and Wagon Manufacturers:

Tidwell & Burns, Lambert

John E. Way, Lambert


Cotton Gins:

Jones & Sons, Arcadia

W. Bacon, Easterling

Frank Easterling, Easterling

Tom Grimes, Easterling

J.L. Andrews, Fleming

W.S. Wells, Gum Branch

E. Yarbrough, Gum Branch and Lambert

William Bacon, Oneida

S.B. Girardeau, Oneida

C.A. Jones & Co., Riceboro

S.L. Bacon, Taylors Creek

I.L. Bird, Taylors Creek



Dr. Capers C. Daniel, Easterling, Taylors Creek, and Lambert

Dr. I. Ham, Easterling

Dr. Charles West Hendry, Hinesville and Lambert

Dr. B.W. Morris, Johnstons Station (Liberty City) and Tula


Turpentine Distillers:

R.W. Hammond, Swindle



H.S. Kelly, Easterling

J.D. Rogers, Fleming

A.L. Winn, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)


General Merchandise:

K.B. Jones & Son, Arcadia

L.R. Trask, Arcadia

T.M. May, Arcadia

C.J. Bryant, Bay View

Mrs. K.B. Jones & Son, Dorchester

George F. Reickes & Bro., Dorchester

W.M. Stevens, Dorchester

L.B. Trask, Dorchester

W.H. Dasher, Easterling

Henry Elarbee, Easterling

J. Stubbs, Easterling

Clark & Shave, Fleming

W.W. Gill, Fleming

R.T. Gupton, Fleming

W.T. Lightfoot & Son, Fleming

Mrs. M.E. Trask, Flemington

J.C. Hines, Hinesville

E.C. Miller, Hinesville and Lambert

J.R. Ryon, Hinesville

A.S. Branch, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

E.J. McDonald, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

McKeither & Currier, Johnstons Sta­tion (Liberty City)

M.T. Rimes & Bros., Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

R.W. Hammond, Josselyn and Swindle

E.P. Miller, Walthourville

A. Lafayette Jones, Lambert

K.A. Williamson, Lambert

W.H. Lee, Limerick

R.Q. Cassels & Sons, McIntosh

W.A. Fraser, McIntosh

H.G. Elarbee & Bro., Oneida

S.B. Girardeau, Oneida

W.A. Kennedy, Oneida

Jerry Smith, Oneida

E.T. Dean, Riceboro

F.S. Lyons, Riceboro

C.A. Stebbins, Riceboro

D.W. Tyson, Riceboro

Williams & Linder, Riceboro

T.E. Grimes & Bro., Smiley

William Kirkland, Smiley

D.A. Smiley & Bros., Smiley

R.S. Hendry, Taylors Creek

B.D. Martin, Taylors Creek

J. Baker, Thebes

A.B. Golden, Thebes

V.H. Morrison, Thebes

R.L. Paige, Thebes

N.D. Rozier, Tula

E.E. Ryals, Tula

W.S. Harden, Walthourville

K.A. Williamson, Walthourville



Dyer & Wilson, Limerick

H. Mallard, Limerick

P. Fraser, Limerick

J.W. Williams, McIntosh

W.E. Edwards, Tula

G.W. Parker & Co., Tula



W.T. Kicklighter, Eastering

C.W. Parker & Co., Tula



Audley King, Sunbury



Mrs. E.M. Trask, Flemington

Caswell Hotel, J .M. Caswell, Hinesville

Magnolia House, A.C. Smith, Hinesville

Mrs. W. Clark, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

C.J. Fletcher, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

N.T. Hewett, Riceboro

Barclay House, J.L. Harden, Walthourville


Insurance Agents:

R.M. Martin, Hinesville and Riceboro


Lampblack Manufacturers:

D.C. Miller, Lambert



H.V. Calder, Fleming

N.J. Norman, Flemington and Riceboro

J .L. Shaw, Gum Branch

S.B. Brewton, Hinesville

Donald Fraser, Hinesville

B.A. Way, Hinesville and Riceboro

T.N. Winn, Hinesville

W.N. Clark, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

Walter A. Way, Lambert and Riceboro

William B. Warnell, Oneida


Livery Stables:

M. Dauney , Hinesville

C.J. McDonald, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

M.T. Rimes, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

J.W. Williams, McIntosh

N.T. Hewett, Riceboro

J.H. King & Co., Thebes


Corn and Flour Mills:

P. Fraser & Co., Fleming and Limerick

E. Yarbrough, Gum Branch

J.B. McCall, Hinesville

George R. Herbert, Lambert

Johnson & O'Bryan, McIntosh

W.J. Bacon, Oneida

S.B. Girardeau, Oneida

McGowen & Co., Riceboro

W.A. Smiley & Bros., Smiley

S.L. Bacon, Taylors Creek

I.L. Bird, Taylors Creek

Jonathan A. Martin, Taylors Creek

J. Laing, Walthourville

G.R. Herbert, Walthourville


Saw Mills:

Weitman & Bro., Beards Creek

J.J. Easterling, Easterling

J .E. Grimes, Easterling

Wells & Bro., Fleming

D.P. Roche, Gertrude

W.S. Wells, Gum Branch

James B. McCall, Hinesville

J.R. McDuffie & Son, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

C.E. Wells, Joselyn

W.J. Ellis, Lambert

W.J. Bacon, Oneida

S.B. Girardeau, Oneida

W.A. Kennedy, Oneida

McGowen & Co., Riceboro

T.E. Grimes, Smiley

D.A. Smiley & Bros., Smiley

J.C. Swindle , Swindle

S.L. Bacon, Taylors Creek

I.L. Bird, Taylors Creek

G.S. Holmes

W.J. Ellis, Walthourville

J.J. Wall, Walthourville



Jonathan M. Easterling, Smiley


Music Teachers:

Jim Bazemore, Easterling

Sallie Shuman, Easterling

Mrs. Etta Calder, Fleming

Laura Martin Fraser, Flemington

Mrs. S.A. Calder, Hinesville

Cora Clark, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

Mrs. S.E. O'Neal, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

Mrs. M.J. Fleming, Lambert

Eva Cassels, Walthourville

J.L. Harden, Walthourville


Naval Stores Manufacturers:

C.J. Bryant, Bay View

S.M. Russ, Bay View

G.W. Freeman, Beards Creek

W.W. Gill, Fleming

D.M. McLane, Fleming

E.P. Miller, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

R.W. Hammond, Josselyn, Riceboro, Swindle, and Walthourville

John T. Hammond, Lambert

W.A. Fraser, McIntosh

S.B. Girardeau, Oneida

W.A. Kennedy, Oneida

H.S. McCallum & co. Oneida

L.F. Dunham, Riceboro

Hewett & Co., Riceboro

V.E.A. Mooney, Taylors Creek

0.J. Olmstead, Taylors Creek

W.E. Edwards, Tula



Liberty County Herald, R.M. Martin, editor and publisher,

Hinesville Southern Home, F.C. Miller, editor and publisher, Walthourville



Dr. W.H. Delk, Bay View

Dr. J.F. McLean, Easterling

Dr. D.W. Boggs, Johnstons Station (Liberty City) and Riceboro

Dr. A.L. Wynn, Johnstons Station (Liberty City) and Riceboro

Dr. K.A. Quarterman, Lambert and Walthourville

Dr. J.D. Rogers, Limerick

Dr. Tillman Hendry, Oneida

Dr. W. Boyd, Riceboro

Dr. A.I. Hendry, Hinesville

Dr. R.S. Hendry, Hinesville

Dr. T.S. Layton, Hinesville

Dr. A.B. Daniel, Taylors Creek

Dr. William R. Eve, Sunbury


Ministers of the Gospel:

Rev. C.J. Bryant, Bay View

Rev. A.B. Strickland, Easterling

Rev. H.S. Andrews, Fleming

Rev. Luther Hubbard, Fleming and Limerick

Rev. D.S. Wells, Fleming

Rev. C.C. Carson, Flemington

Rev. M.F. Beals, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

Rev. G.A. Blount, Lambert

Rev. M. Logan, Lambert

Rev. Jennie Curtis, Thebes

Rev. J.W.H. Hunter, Tula

Rev. R.J. Butler, Walthourville

Rev. M.C. Lofton, Walthourville

Rev. W.H. Mclean, Walthourville

Rev. W.M.C. Conley, Hinesville


Saddles and Harness Maker:

John Lewis, Tula



J.T. Gell, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)



Flemington Academy, Mrs. A.E. McDowell, Principal

Dorchester Academy, F.W. Foster, Principal

Thebes Institute, F .R. Sims, Principal

Tula School, A.S. Quarterman, Princi­pal

Walthourville Academy, Miss E. Cassels, Principal

Bradwell Institute, Samuel D. Bradwell, Principal

Liberty Institute, E. Benton, Principal


Stock and Dairy Farms:

Mrs. Hannah Dunham, Sunbury



William Gordon, Lambert

Artemus Dregors, Fleming

W.S. Delk, Smiley

J .M. Smiley, Smiley


Truck Farms:

Edward A. Eve, Sunbury



Charles Davis, Tula

S. Roberts, Thebes


Watchmakers and Jewelers:

W.W. Johns, Johnstons Station (Liberty City)

B.F. Abrams, Walthourville


From "Sweet Land of Liberty, A History of Liberty County, Georgia" by Robert Long Groover; Appendix Number 27, Page(s) 178-181; Used by the permission of the Liberty County Commissioners Office 






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