Taylors Creek Union Academy/Liberty Institute (1833-1941)


Taylors Creek Union Academy / Liberty InstituteIn 1833 the General Assembly of Georgia incorporated the Taylors Creek Union Academy with Eli Bradley, Enoch Daniel, Robert Hendry, James Laing and William H. Martin as trustees. The school operated continuously, except for a short time during the War Between the States, until the community came to an end in 1941, when it was included in the Fort Stewart area.


Among the early teachers were the Reverend Moses W. Way, his son, Moses, the Reverend John W. Turner, Samuel J. Andrews, Joseph I. Daniel, Miss Alice Wilson, George Mills and James Robert Hendry, who substituted.


When the high school was added to the academy, the name was changed to Liberty Institute, and it became one of the most recog­nized schools in the state. Ministers, doctors, lawyers and business leaders received their early education here. Mell A. Morgan, a graduate of Emory College, was employed as principal from 1887 until 1889. Other teachers until 1900 included M. A. Morgan, George Dorough, Miss Clifford Daniel, Alex Geiger, Elias Benton, J. W. Twitty and William E. Rambo.

From "Liberty County - A  Pictorial History"; Page(s); Taylors Creek by Lucile Stacy Martin; Used by the permission of the Liberty County Commissioners Office



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