McLamb, J.D. (Family)


McLamb, J.D. (1844-1924) - Born in Brunswick County, North Carolina, and died in Liberty County. His wife's name was Emily and she died in Brunswick County, North Caro­lina, on June 24, 1885. At least one of their children was W.E. McLamb (1868-1940), who was born in Brunswick County, North Carolina, and died at Walthourville. His first wife was Julia E. Clark (1870-1900) of Liberty County, and their children, all born in Liberty County, were W. Troy, I. Milton, J. Barnard, Rosabelle, J. Blanche , B. Emily, and Julia C. McLamb.


The second wife of W.I. McLamb was Bertha C. Mobley (1883-1914), daughter of William Washington and Emily Hires Mobley (see Mobley Families in appendix) of Liberty County, and their children were Charles C. (1903-1903), Jordye Mae (1906-1981), who married Harley A. Bacon on May 19, 1929, Elfreida, born in 1908, Hilda Clarece, born in 1908, and Everett Carson McLamb, born in 1912.


The third wife of W.I. McLamb was Ellen A. Smith (1888-1971), daughter of P.B. and Henrietta V. Smith of Liberty County, and they had one child, Frances McLamb, born in 1924, who married C.A. Pagliarullo in 1944.


From "Sweet Land of Liberty, A History of Liberty County, Georgia" by Robert Long Groover; Appendix Number 39, Page(s) 226; Used by the permission of the Liberty County Commissioners Office



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